Bronchitis Treatment Questions and Answers

Bronchitis Treatment Questions and Answers

Do you have a constant cough that is causing soreness in the chest, fatigue, sore throat, mild headaches, or body aches? These are the symptoms of bronchitis and Minit Medical near Lahaina, HI is here to help. Call us or visit us at one of our three locations. We serve patients from Lahaina HI, Kahului HI, Kihei HI, Launiupoko HI, Olowalu Hi, Wailuku HI, Kula HI, Makawao HI, Paia HI, Wailea HI, Haiku HI and Waihee-Waiehu HI.

Bronchitis Treatment Near Me
Bronchitis Treatment Near Me

You may know when you have bronchitis. It is a swelling in the lining of your bronchial tubes that carries air to and from your lungs. So, if you cough up thickened mucus, which can be discoloured, then chances are you have it. Those who have bronchitis may cough up thickened mucus and may likely experience the following symptoms: constant cough, thick colored mucus (clear, white, yellowish-gray, sometimes streaked in blood), slight chills and fever, chest discomfort, fatigue, and shortness of breath. There are two types of bronchitis: acute, which is very common, and chronic, which is more serious. Acute bronchitis is commonly known as a chest cold, and chronic bronchitis is when one has repeated bouts of it (a common condition in COPD, which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

How long does bronchitis last?

Most people who have acute bronchitis may experience it lasting for up to two weeks, and the cough can last up to 8 weeks for some people. Chronic bronchitis on the other hand lasts a long time and is more common among those who smoke tobacco. If you think you have bronchitis, then seek medical attention from a doctor. Acute bronchitis usually goes away on its own, but consulting your doctor is a smart idea as they may prescribe the right medications. Bronchitis can also lead to other complications, like the pneumonia, so stay on top of your care and seek out medical support if needed.

What is the best medicine for bronchitis?

There is no shortage of medicine-solutions for bronchitis. Your doctor might recommend drinking lots of fluids and getting rest in order for it to go away on its own and may offer treatments for acute bronchitis that include antibiotics that treat bacterial infections, pain relievers, bronchodilators that are inhaled medicines that may help open up your airways, and cough suppressants. Your doctor may also recommend sitting in a steamy bathroom or sleeping next to a humidifier to help open up the airways. For those who suffer from chronic bronchitis that narrows the airways, your doctor may most likely recommend an inhaler or other treatments.

How serious is bronchitis?

In acute cases, bronchitis is not considered too serious and it usually may go away on its own. However, when symptoms last more than a few months, it can develop into a more chronic condition and damage the lungs and cause tiny air sacs inside the lungs to fill up with fluid.

What is the fastest way to cure bronchitis?

Doctors may recommend a number of home remedies and over-the-counter pain relievers to get rid of bronchitis. Home remedies involve drinking lots of fluids, mainly water (8 to 12 glasses a day to thin out mucus and making it easier to cough), rest, and pain relievers that are effective: Advil, Motrin, and Aleve. Avoid cough medications unless your cough is keeping you up at night. For those with children, also consult with a doctor for best medicines. Chronic bronchitis is longer term and doctors recommend a healthier diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat meats, like fish, chicken, and low-fat or non-fat dairy products. Exercise should also be top of mind and may help keep your weight in check, which is important because having extra weight makes it harder for breathing.

If you have acute bronchitis or chronic bronchitis, our team at Minit Medical may help you feel better. We may offer tips on treating bronchitis and ways to avoid getting it. Wash your hands often, eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, get plenty of rest if you catch a cold, don’t smoke and don’t let others smoke in your home – these are the top tips to preventing bronchitis. Stay healthy and call us or visit us at one of our three locations: Lahaina, HI, Kahului, HI and Kihei, HI. We are open 7 days a week, and we accept walk-ins and we host video-visits for urgent care.

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