Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O.

Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O. at Minit Medical Urgent Care

Meet Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O. at Minit Medical Urgent Care. Dr. Jackowitz is our dedicated professional who aims to satisfy patients in terms of health services. For more information about our staff and services, call us or book an appointment. We have convenient locations to serve you in Kahului HI, Kihei HI, and Lahaina HI.

Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O.
Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O.

Dr. Michael Jackowitz D.O.


What is the educational background of Dr. Michael Jackowitz?

Dr. Jackowitz received his undergraduate degree from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and his medical degree from NOVA University (Miami, FL). After completing a residency in Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center (New York, NY), he began working as a hospitalist before going into primary care in Westchester, NY. In 2001 he became the Director of Clinical Affairs for Imaging For Life/Imaging Heart in NYC where he helped pioneer non-invasive coronary angiography. In 2010 he helped launch Lower Manhattan Cancer Center and implemented his Healthy Lifestyles program to help cancer patients understand and incorporate wellness into their everyday lives.

What is the professional experience of Dr. Michael Jackowitz?

He was the house doctor for the New York City Opera and the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center and as a certified group exercise instructor/personal trainer, he taught step, aerobics, and dance at Equinox Fitness Centers in NYC.

In addition to his extensive medical practice, Dr. Jackowitz has a robust career as a theater producer and has relocated to Maui to work on a new musical, The Hawaiian Goddess, about Pele and her sister, Hi’iaka.

Where does Dr. Michael Jackowitz work currently?

Dr. Jackowitz works at both the Lahaina and Kahului locations.

Dr. Jackowitz accepts insurance

For information relate to insurance, check our insurance page.

Can I make an appointment online with Dr. Jackowitz?

Yes! you can make an online appointment with Dr. Jackowitz?

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