Hearing Tests Near Paia, HI

Hearing Tests Near Paia, HI

Are you looking for a clinic near Paia, Hawaii, that offers hearing tests? You can find what you need at Minit Medical Urgent Care! Come and visit us today.

Hearing Tests Near Paia, HI
Hearing Tests Near Paia, HI

Whether you are concerned that your hearing may have worsened over the years, you have an ear infection, or think you might have excessive wax buildup, a hearing test or ear exam could be what you need! We would be happy to provide you with a hearing test at Minit Medical Urgent Care.

How is a hearing test done?

Hearing tests are conducted in soundproof rooms and typically involve the patient wearing earphones of some sort. That said, some hearing tests are performed in quiet or noisy environments to assess how well the individual can hear voices or sounds when there is background noise. In the most general hearing tests, the patient is asked to remain still and silent during the test’s duration. Through the earphones, a machine will deliver various tones and sounds of speech to each ear, one at a time. The hearing test specialist will likely ask you to raise your hand or give some agreed-upon indication that you hear a particular sound, such as pushing a button. Your specialist will record the lowest volume of each tone or sound you could hear to assess your hearing condition.

How long do hearing tests take?

In total, the hearing test itself should take roughly 20 to 30 minutes. That said, there may be some preliminary paperwork to complete before the test that could add five to ten minutes to your appointment, and if you wait to hear your results, your hearing test appointment could take approximately one hour.

What are the different hearing tests?

Officially, there are seven different types of hearing tests that can be safely and accurately performed. Some medical centers may offer one or two of the tests, a few of them, or all of them, depending on the equipment available to them and the level of expertise they have on staff. The different hearing tests are as follows:

  • Acoustic reflex tests: these tests measure the involuntary response of muscles in your inner ear, known as the stapedius and tensor tympani, when triggered by a loud or intense sound. Its general purpose is to determine the location of a given hearing problem and the type of hearing loss.
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) tests: ABR tests are typically used for infants or toddlers. They are performed by placing electrodes on the patient’s head to measure brain wave activity in response to specific sounds delivered through earphones.
  • Bone conduction tests: this kind of test is a form of pure-tone testing that works by placing a small box called an oscillator behind the patient’s ear and attached to a headband. The oscillator vibrates and sends pure-tone sound directly into the inner ear through the bone. The patient is instructed to give a signal when they hear the specific sound. Bone conduction tests help identify problems in the ear canal, eardrum, and the bones in your middle ear.
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) tests: OAE tests analyze how well your inner ear works by measuring the otoacoustic emissions generated by hair cells in the inner ear when triggered by specific sounds. It is conducted through a tiny probe with a microphone and speaker, which sends sounds into your ear and measures the responding otoacoustic emissions. These tests help identify blockages in the ear canal, excess fluid in the middle ear, or damage to the inner ear’s hair cells.
  • Pure tone tests: also known as pure tone audiometry, these tests deliver tones with only one frequency at varying intensities to patients through headphones as they sit in a soundproof room or booth. Every time the patient hears a tone, they are instructed to give an agreed-upon signa.
  • Speech tests: with speech tests, the audiologist or hearing test specialist says words to the patient through headphones, and the patient is asked to repeat those words. The specialist will record the softest speech the patient could hear and repeat. Speech tests can be performed in either a quiet or noisy environment, depending on the nature of the patient’s hearing problem.
  • Tympanometry: With the tympanometry test, an otoscopy is conducted to ensure the eardrum’s path is clear before inserting the tympanometer probe into the ear canal. The tympanometer measures how much your eardrum moves when air pressure is applied. Tympanometry helps identify fluid or wax buildup, as well as eardrum perforations or tumors.

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