Mobile Medical Event Services Questions and Answers

Minit Medical Mobile in Maui, HI offers on-location medical services for your events. We do events such as corporate events, weddings, conferences, meetings, parties, and more. For More Information Call Us.

Mobile Medical Event Services Questions and Answers
Mobile Medical Event Services Questions and Answers

Table of Contents:

How much does a mobile medical van cost?
What are mobile healthcare services?
What events can you offer services for?

Whenever there is an event with a large number of people, the health and safety of everyone involved is an important thing to consider. At Minit Medical Mobile, we would be happy to cover that base for your event! With our mobile medical event services, we bring the clinic to you to help ensure everyone at your event stays safe and can receive swift medical attention if they require it.

How much does a mobile medical van cost?

The cost of a mobile medical van varies according to the clinic providing the services, the services rendered, and several other factors. If you would like to know our specific mobile medical van prices at Minit Medical Mobile, we welcome you to contact us! A member of our friendly and professional administrative team would be pleased to inform you of our prices, insurance policies, and payment information. We charge flat fees for mobile medical van visits and provide transparent pricing for all of our services.

With regard to insurance, we are happy to accept most health insurance plans, including the following:

– Alohacare
– Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
– Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA)
– Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)
– HMSA Quest
– Kaiser
– Kaiser Quest
– Medicare
– Tricare
– University Health Alliance (UHA) Health Insurance
– And others!

We also accept all major credit cards for payment, such as American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

What are mobile healthcare services?

Mobile healthcare services, also known as concierge care or concierge medicine, are a type of healthcare that brings medical care to the patient, rather than requiring that the patient visit the clinic to receive medical or healthcare services.

In order to receive mobile healthcare services, patients pay an upfront fee to physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, or other medical providers for specific healthcare services at an event or particular location, such as the patient’s home, hotel, or place of residence. Mobile healthcare services can be provided on a recurring basis or as a single event.

With that in mind, some examples of mobile healthcare services that we are pleased to provide at Minit Medical Mobile include the following:

– Common illnesses, such as the common cold, coughs, ear pain, pink eye (conjunctivitis), sinus infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs)
– COVID-19 testing, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, rapid molecular tests, and rapid antigen tests
– Intravenous (IV) therapy and detox
– Laceration and wound care
– Medication refills
– Nausea and vomiting
– Pediatric care
– Private lab, flu, and strep testing
– And other services!

For more information about the mobile healthcare services we can provide, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email!

What events can you offer services for?

At Minit Medical Mobile, we can provide mobile healthcare services for a broad range of events in the South Maui area, including Maalaea, Kihei, Wailea, and Makena! Some examples of the events that we can provide mobile medical event services for include the following:

– Conferences
– Cooperate events
– Meetings
– Parties
– Weddings
– And others!

We can have a medical provider or nurse at your event location within one to two hours, whether it is after hours, evenings, weekends, or during the lunch hour. Our medical professionals will bring the clinic to your event with diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, and commonly prescribed medications.

Minit Medical Mobile offers on-demand services. No more waiting in the waiting room! We serve patients from Maui, Hawaii. Locations include Maalea HI, Kihei HI, Wailea HI, Makena HI, Paia HI, Lahaina HI, Kahului HI, Wailuku HI, Makawao HI, Haiku HI, South Maui, Upcountry, North Shore and West Side.