Sprains and Strains Treatment

Sprains and Strains Treatment Questions and Answers

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Sprains and Strains Treatment Questions and Answers
Sprains and Strains Treatment Questions and Answers

Whether you have experienced a sprain or strain at work, while participating in athletic activity, or at home, our board-certified doctors and medical professionals at Minit Medical can accurately diagnose your injury and provide excellent treatment to help ensure your injury heals as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Can Urgent Care treat sprains?

Urgent care clinics can treat a wide variety of different sprains, including ankle sprains, back sprains, wrist sprains, and more. In general, urgent care clinics can provide treatment for any sprain that does not require surgery, including mild (grade I), moderate (grade II), and some severe (grade III) sprains.

With that in mind, treatment options for grade I sprain, in which the ligament in the affected area has been overstretched, are relatively minimal. Grade I sprains typically heal within a few days with plenty of rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE method). Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may also be necessary for pain relief.

With grade II sprains, in which the ligament in the affected area is partially torn, treatment involves the use of NSAIDs, the RICE method, and some form of bracing or immobilization so that the injured ligament can rest and heal. Depending on how severely the ligament is torn and how long it takes for the ligament to heal, physical therapy may also be necessary once the ligament has recovered enough to restore strength, flexibility, and range of motion to the ligament and joint in the injured area. The recovery period for a grade II sprain is typically between six and eight weeks.

For grade III sprains, in which the ligament is completely torn, immobilization and physical therapy will be necessary. In severe grade III sprains, surgery may also be required to repair the torn ligament. Grade III sprains can take anywhere from three to six months to properly heal.

How can you tell the difference between a pulled muscle and a torn muscle?

The difference between a pulled muscle and a torn muscle is a matter of severity, as pulled muscles refer to grade I strain, in which the muscle is overstretched, while torn muscles refer to grade II or III strains, depending on whether the muscle is partially or completely torn. As such, pulled muscles typically cause less severe symptoms than torn muscles. With a pulled muscle, you will likely experience stiffness in the injured area, but it should retain enough flexibility for you to use the injured area. On the other hand, a torn muscle will likely cause severe pain, swelling, and redness and will significantly restrict movement and flexibility in the injured area.

How can you Recognise a sprain or strain?

It can be challenging to differentiate a sprain from a strain on the surface level, as both injuries cause many of the same symptoms. However, sprains and strains differ concerning the tissues that are damaged with each injury. Sprains occur when the ligament, which is the thick band of tissue that connects bone to bone, is overstretched or torn. In comparison, strains happen when the muscles or tendons, which are the bands of tissue that attach muscle to bone, are overstretched or torn.

In terms of the symptoms that occur with sprains and strains, both are likely to cause pain and swelling around the affected joint and limited flexibility, range of motion, and strength. However, sprains often occur with bruising and a popping sensation, while strains often cause muscle spasms and do not occur with a popping sensation.

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