Travel COVID-19 Testing

Travel COVID-19 Testing in Kahului, HI & Kihei, HI

Minit Medical offers Covid-19 Testing for international travelers and all other travelers needing Covid-19 test results. Book your test today below.

Travel COVID-19 Testing in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI
Travel COVID-19 Testing in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI

Please READ Carefully

To book travel COVID-19 test please select the date, time, and location you would like to be swabbed (see below). Minit Medical is now offering a Rapid PCR COVID-19 test, rapid NAAT COVID-19 test and rapid Antigen COVID-19 test for Travel. The rapid PCR COVID-19 test cost $105, rapid NAAT COVID-19 test cost $100 and rapid Antigen COVID-19 test cost $55.

Results will be available normally within 1-4 hours. (Times can vary depending on demand of the lab and are not guaranteed).

Please drive up to the location you choose at your appointment time and stay in your vehicle. A nurse will come out to you.

To purchase a COVID-19 Travel test you will answer a few health questions, schedule an appointment, and pay online using a credit card. By choosing to purchase COVID-19 testing using this self-pay option, you are agreeing to be solely responsible for the cost of the testing and reimbursement will not be available through your health insurance or other programs. The cost of travel-related COVID-19 testing at Minit Medical Urgent Care (when available) is $105 for PCR, $100 NAAT, and for Antigen tests $55 which includes the lab fees. By booking a Travel COVID-19 test you understand that if you do not arrive at your visit time, your test will be canceled and your card will not be charged. By using this service, you agree that: Minit Medical is not financially responsible for any costs you may incur with respect to any delay in receiving test results or not receiving a test result; (2) you are responsible for checking the requirements of your travel destination to ensure that you are tested at the right time and receive the correct type of test; (3) failure to confirm the timing and type of test may result in the need to self-quarantine at your destination. The average turnaround time for receiving results is estimated at 1-4 hours, however, lab turnaround times cannot be guaranteed and high demand at the labs can lead to delays.

If you are already under quarantine, these tests cannot release you from quarantine. Unfortunately, Minit Medical cannot give advice on when you should schedule your travel-related test.

*Please note, if you have an international address, please use your local Hawaii address when booking your appointment. Our system does not take international addresses.

Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test – click here for Facts Sheet
Quidel Quickvue Antigen COVID-19 test –
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BD Veritor Antigen COVID-19 test –
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Abbott ID Now – Rapid NAAT test –
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**We only allow a certain number of travel tests a day in each location. If the date and time is not available you will need to select a different day and time.

**To view test results please click here
Select appointments, then select past visits, then select view test results. If you have multiple family members using the same phone number you can change your profile to view their test results.

To schedule a travel COVID-19 test in Kihei/Wailea: 1325 S. Kihei Rd. #103 (testing will be conducted at the back door of our urgent care clinic) there are special parking spaces by the back door for testing.

Kihei Testing

To schedule a travel COVID-19 test in Kahului/Near the Airport: 270 Dairy Rd. #239 (tests will be conducted at the back door of the urgent care clinic)

Kahului Testing Site will be open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm

(Hours subject to change depending on demand)

3 Urgent Care and 1 Physical Therapy Locations to serve you.

Lahaina, HI

Kahului, HI

Kihei, HI


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