Urgent Care in Lahaina HI

Urgent Care Clinic in Lahaina, HI

Minit Medical provides urgent care, acute injury, and x-ray medical services. We are open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 8am-4pm. Visit us at 305 Keawe St. Suite 507 Lahaina, HI 96761. Call Us to learn more.

Urgent Care Clinic in Lahaina, HI
Urgent Care Clinic in Lahaina, HI

Table of Contents:

When should you go to urgent care?
When should you go to urgent care vs. ER?
How much does it cost to go to an urgent care clinic in Lahaina HI?
Can you go to urgent care without insurance?
Where can I get urgent care in Lahaina HI?

An urgent care clinic in your community is more than just a convenience. Sometimes, it’s almost a necessity. Urgent care clinics have become very popular in the United States for patients who need to treat minor ailments. This is because these clinics offer the immediate care of the ER with the affordability of your family doctor, so patients can get treated right away for urgent but not life-threatening ailments.

There are many reasons to go to an urgent care clinic like Minit Medical. Our clinic serves an important role in your community, and the next time you’re suffering from a minor ailment, we welcome you to come in for quality urgent care in Lahaina HI.

When should you go to urgent care?

Urgent care is one of 3 options for healthcare. The other two options are your primary physician and the emergency room (ER). Urgent care can be the better option for when your ailment is minor and not life threatening, but still requiring prompt treatment.

Typically, urgent care is more convenient than the other options. This is because you can simply walk right into an urgent care clinic for immediate service. If you go into the ER to have a non-life-threatening ailment treated, then you’ll be considered a lower priority patient, and you’ll have to wait for service. If you go to your doctor, then you’ll experience wait times too, and you’ll also have to schedule the appointment for a week or more out. Also, urgent care can be less expensive than the other options, especially the ER.

When should you go to urgent care vs. ER?

You should go to urgent care when your illness or injury is minor and non-life-threatening, but still requiring urgent attention. You absolutely must go to the ER if you believe your illness or injury could be major or life threatening.

Come to Minit Medical for:

– Wellness services
– Allergy testing
– Minor allergies/reactions
– Cough, cold, fever, or flu symptoms
– Minor burns, sunburns, cuts, or fractures
– Antibiotics for infections like urinary tract infections
– Vaccinations, like flu shots
– Marine stings (such as sea urchin stings)
– X-rays or lab testing for various injuries or illnesses, like STDs
– Employer drug tests or worker’s comp
– Physicals, like DOT physicals
– And more

However, you must go to the ER for illnesses or injuries you believe could be life threatening, including, but not limited to:

– Seizures, convulsions, or loss of consciousness
– Great difficulty breathing
– Any fever in a newborn baby
– Major fractures
– Stroke symptoms like slurred speech, serious confusion, vision loss, or others
– Suicidal feelings
– Bleeding that is or can be uncontrollable
– Intense abdominal or chest pain
– Severe injury to the back, head, or neck
– Burns that are moderate to severe
– And any other possibly life-threatening illnesses or injuries

How much does it cost to go to an urgent care clinic in Lahaina HI?

It’s true that urgent care can be less expensive than your primary doctor, and it’s always less expensive than the ER (to have non-life-threatening ailments treated). Generally, urgent care tends to cost around $125 per visit, not including insurance coverage. However, costs vary and there could be additional costs for further treatment or prescription medication, so please contact us at Minit Medical for pricing details.

We accept most major insurances at our clinic, and we offer self-pay options for patients without insurance.

Can you go to urgent care without insurance?

Yes, you can still receive urgent care even if you don’t have insurance! With urgent care, you’ll likely pay around $125 per visit (costs vary, so please contact us for further information). However, we offer self-pay options, and if you need prescription medication, you can request a generic, non-branded prescription, which costs less.

Where can I get urgent care in Lahaina HI?

Minit Medical has a convenient location for you at 305 Keawe St, Suite 507 Lahaina HI 96761. Our clinic is an urgent care, walk-in clinic, so you don’t have to make an appointment to be able to see us! Just come in for immediate service right on the spot, with virtually no wait times. We’re open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. We welcome you to our clinic and look forward to your visit with us!

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