Urgent Care in Lahaina, West Maui, HI

Urgent Care in Lahaina, West Maui, HI

Minit Medical Provides Urgent Care, Acute Injury & X-Ray Services in the West Maui and Surrounding Area. Open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm. Sunday 8am-4pm. Visit Us at 305 Keawe St. Suite 507 Lahaina, HI 96761. Call Us.

Urgent Care in Lahaina, West Maui, HI
Urgent Care in Lahaina, West Maui, HI

When you or your family require immediate medical care for a non-life-threatening injury or illness, you want to make sure that you receive the highest quality urgent care services available in the area. If you live near Lahaina in West Maui, Minit Medical is available 7 days a week to ensure you and your family stay healthy. Whether you require treatment for a cold or advanced diagnostic services, our doctors can provide you with the care you need to keep yourself healthy.

How is urgent care different from emergency care?

Before urgent care centers like Minit Medical became popular, many patients felt their only recourse for accessing immediate healthcare was a costly emergency room visit. However, now you and your family have more options than ever, so you can receive the exact care you need. There are a wide array of benefits when you visit an urgent care center instead of the E.R. First, the cost of an urgent care visit is typically much less than if you were to go to the emergency room. Most patients on average will also benefit from a much shorter wait time. By necessity, emergency rooms must treat the most critical patients first. This means that if you are seeking treatment for a respiratory infection or minor injury, you could wait for hours before you even see a doctor. However, there are still many reasons why an emergency room visit may be a necessity. For patients who are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, the E.R. is the place you should go. Emergency care is also necessary for patients with severe injuries that could threaten the health of the limb and those who have ingested poison of any kind. Minit Medical is proud to serve our patients by offering the best urgent care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

Is urgent care covered by my insurance?

For most patients, visiting an urgent care center will require no more than their usual copay. At Minit Medical, we proudly accept most major insurance plans to make the important healthcare services we provide accessible to as many patients as possible. Of course, it is always best to check with your health insurance provider about which services, or what specific urgent care locations, may be covered by your plan. For patients without insurance or whose insurance does not cover their visit, Minit Medical offers convenient self-pay options, so you can always see a doctor when you need one.

Can you prescribe medication if I need it?

Yes, our doctors can write prescriptions whenever necessary for convenient pick-up at your preferred pharmacy. In addition to being able to prescribe important medications for patients who are sick, we also offer convenient referrals for specialists or follow-up care if you need it. We understand that your care may not start and end at our location; no matter what health services you may need, we value your time and strive to make sure you leave our office with all of the information you need to recover totally and completely, even if that means entrusting your care to another doctor who may be specially equipped to continue your treatment.

If you live in the Lahaina, West Maui area and are in need of urgent care services for a non-life-threatening illness or injury, contact Minit Medical today or simply walk in now to see a doctor.

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