Vaccinations in Kihei HI

Vaccinations in Kihei, HI

Minit Medical Offers a Wide Array of Immunizations for Children and Adults 7 Days a Week to Keep Your Immune System Healthy From any Diseases Or Viruses. Please Call Us to Book a Visit, or Walk in Today at Our Clinic.

Vaccinations in Kihei HI
Vaccinations in Kihei HI

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Can urgent care provide vaccinations?
What kinds of vaccinations can I get at urgent care?
Do you offer vaccinations in Kihei HI?

With us at Minit Medical, you and all your loved ones can stay up to date with your regular vaccinations. We can see the younger and older members of your family, including your children, and provide any type of common vaccine you require. And if you’ve fallen behind in your vaccination schedule, that’s okay because we accept walk-in patients too! To get your vaccinations in Kihei HI, come visit us or make an appointment with us today.

Can urgent care provide vaccinations?

Yes, it definitely can! Urgent care can provide any common vaccination. There are actually a lot of benefits to choosing urgent care for your vaccinations. For one, you and anyone else in your family of any age (children 6 months and older) can get your shots there. Also, with urgent care, appointments are never necessary, so you can go there for a shot when you need one right away. It’s also worth mentioning that urgent care accepts major insurances, so your shots will likely be covered!

It’s common for people to go to their primary care physician or a local pharmacy for their shots, but there are disadvantages to this. For example, with a physician, an appointment is always necessary, and this can be inconvenient when you need a shot right away for travel or if you’re behind in your vaccination schedule. If you go to a pharmacy for your shots, first you should check to make sure they have the vaccine you need on hand, because they might not.

To avoid these inconveniences, just come to urgent care instead! Appointments are unnecessary, the physicians there are fully certified, and it really doesn’t get any more convenient or quicker than urgent care!

What kinds of vaccinations can I get at urgent care?

The vaccinations you can get at urgent care are the most common ones you’ll ever need. You and your entire family can be properly and thoroughly vaccinated, so you won’t have to worry about going elsewhere for your shots. With urgent care, the vaccinations you can get generally include:

– Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP)
– Hepatitis B
– Tetanus (Td)
– Typhoid
– Pneumonia
– Varicella (chickenpox)
– Tuberculosis (TB)
– Influenza (flu shots)
– And even travel vaccines such as malaria and polio vaccines

It can be really convenient to get your travel vaccinations done at urgent care. If you’re about to travel to another continent, then you will likely need a travel vaccination to prevent common illnesses there. It’s crucial to have these vaccinations done before you leave, and it can take some time for the vaccinations to become fully effective in the body, so you should get them done about 4 to 6 weeks before you leave. If your schedule is tight, then just come to Minit Medical to have your vaccinations done within the hour!

Do you offer vaccinations in Kihei HI?

Yes, we do! You can come see us at Minit Medical for just about any type of vaccination, including travel shots. And because we’re an urgent care clinic, no appointment is necessary, so you can come see us today if it’s convenient for you. Visit us any day of the week at 1325 South Kihei Road #103, Kihei, HI 96753. You can always book an appointment with us if you’d prefer to, but it isn’t required.

We hope to see you soon for your shots here at Minit Medical, and you’re welcome to bring your family too!

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