Wound Care Treatment in Hawaii

Wound Care Treatment in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI

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Wound Care Treatment in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI
Wound Care Treatment in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI

Wounds are complex issues, which come in all shapes and sizes. There are different kinds of wounds such as, cuts, lacerations, punctures, scrapes, and scratches. The top threeconcerns of wounds are infections, bleeding, and potential internal damage. Because there are numerous types of wounds, the damage can affect your health in many ways. Wounds can have complicating side effects. If left untreated, complications such as infections can develop into larger health risks.

Wound Care Treatment in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI

At Minit Medical we specialize in providing a wide variety of wound care treatment. Minor wounds can often be self-treated by carefully following instructions, however it is highly recommended to be treated by a healthcare professional to prevent any further risk of infection.

When you or a loved one has just suffered an injury that was caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, you need to start the healing process as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a life-threatening wound, call 911 or seek help from the nearest Emergency Room. For lesser wounds, that require immediate care, Minit Medical can be your alternative wound care center in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI. Our doctors and healthcare professionals are qualified and experienced in treating a wide variety of wounds. Whether you need to stop the bleeding or prevent infection our wound care clinic near you is here when you need us most.

Wound Care Treatment Tips for Minor Cuts and Wounds

The proper treatment depends on how deep the wound is. Minor cuts and wounds can be taken care of with proper cleaning, disinfectant, and clean bandages. Deeper lacerations may require more advanced treatment.

Wash your hands well, and thoroughly clean the wound with gentle soap and room temperature water. Pat dry and carefully apply antibiotic cream or spray. Wrap the wound in a clean bandage. As the wound begins to heal, you will want to replace the bandage regularly. If you are seeing signs of infection like red streaking, expanding redness, yellow / green pus, drainage from the wound, or increased tenderness this could be signs of an infection. If you begin experiencing a fever, see our doctors at Minit Medical immediately.

For deeps cuts and wounds, you may require medical attention and possibly stitches. If the bleeding continues after 20 minutes of direct pressure, seek treatment at your local wound care treatment center in Kahului, HI, Lahaina, HI & Kihei, HI. Remember to remove all jewelry (especially rings) before the affected area begins to swell.

To avoid tetanus related issues, it is recommended for children between the ages of 2 months – 18 years. For adults, tetanus shots are recommended every 4 years. If you need your next booster, call our offices today.

Minit Medical and Urgent Care Clinic provide wound care treatment at three convenient urgent care locations in Maui. We accept all patients on a walk-in basis, no appointment necessary. We treat children and adults of all ages, so you can rest assured the whole family will be taken care of. For any other questions about our urgent care clinic, please do not hesitate to call us.

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