Welcome Kihei Physical Therapy

Welcome Kihei Physical Therapy

Announcing!! Kihei Physical Therapy is Now

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We are pleased to announce that Minit Medical Physical Therapy is expanding and will be taking over ownership of Kihei Physical Therapy as of 1/1/23. It is our privilege to care for you and we’ll do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition while keeping your care our top priority!

We are excited to have Jenny Wagenbach continue with us in this office and she will be joined by several of our other therapists who can treat everything neuromusculoskeletal from head to toe!

Insurances: Currently we are accepting the following insurances: HMSA, HMAA, UHA, Medicare, Work Comp, No Fault/Auto Accident.

To schedule an appointment or for questions, contact us by calling (808) 667-6161 x 2

or emailing: physicaltherapy@minitmed.com

For past inquiries or to reach Christie Newsome,

Please contact: (808) 264-2135


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