I have taken my wife to different Minit urgent care facilities in Maui since Saturday May 18 2004. The staff and the doctors in both locations were friendly, very forthright in their discussions with you and have a great attitude, in treating their patients. We had a great experience at both locations and we were able to continue on vacation in Maui.

James C. | May 23, 2024
Got an appointment easily. Waited in the appointment room, but it was worth it, great treatment plan and got the prescriptions for much needed meds before traveling. I chose this location because I have been here before, had good experiences, and only 3 blocks from my home. I couldn’t get a last min doc appointment with my regular doc so quickly! Great staff. Highly recommend, whether you live here (I do) or are on holiday. Meds called over to Longs/CVS and they were ready to pick up within 1/2 hour. Overall an excellent experience.

Elizabeth H. | May 07, 2024
I saw Dr. Dean in March 2024 for COPD exacerbation. He told me my O2 level was dangerously low and, after a shot of prednisone and a nebulizer application told me I needed to go to the ER now. It was exactly the right thing to do as I was admitted to the hospital for a four day stay.

Gene C. | Mar 23, 2024
Had my first ever skin rash. Super painful and itchy! Rachel was fabulous and so kind. She got me on the path to healing right away! The receptionist was great and Rose ( an assistant) was fabulous. Highly recommend

Tani S. | Feb 26, 2024
Fast, Friendly and Professional. Dr.Dean was very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. So thankful to have been cared for by this incredible Doctor! And as an added bonus his sense of humour was uproarious! Also thank you to the amazing and kind office staff!

William S. | Feb 08, 2024
On Friday December 29 at about 2 pm I bought my friend Rita in to the minute medical in Kihei. Rita had cut her hand severely on Wednesday and went to the emergency room and had it sewn up. The discharge instructions from the ER said that she was to have a doctor look at her hand on Friday. When we came into the clinic, I asked the receptionist if they had a doctor there. She said yes and started to get Rita’s information. She said that we should come back for a 4:45PM appointment. I thought this was odd as there was no one in the waiting room. Rita asked if she would be seeing a doctor when we came back and the receptionist said yes. We came back at 4:45 to find out that there was not a doctor, only a nurse to see her. The receptionist had lied to me about having a doctor. I suspect that was her instructions in order to garner business. This is the second instance of dishonesty that I have had with this place. I had an instance where they double billed me. It took me considerable time and effort to get this straightened out.

David S. | Dec 30, 2023
I had a severe toothache and told Dr Dean that my dentist had looked at it twice and could find nothing wrong but he assured me it was the tooth and suggested I get a new dentist when I got home. He was right and the new dentist found the problem. Thank you!

John R. | Jul 06, 2023
"I would not hesitate to return for any other health care needs or recommend Minit Medical to a friend. Thank you"

Maui R.
"Minit Medical urgent care is available for all your medical needs and for medical medication. Thank you for your awesome time and services."

Jobita P.
"Dr. Thaut is very kind and a professional dealing with my concerns. His voice brought comfort and gave me the sense of security that I am in good hands."

Hannahmarie A.
"They have taken such good care of us! I don’t get written off no matter how many times I go there."

Danielle W.
"The staff here were incredibly sweet and took care of me quickly. Best doctor’s office experience I have ever had. Can’t recommend them enough."

Sarah S.
"Minit Medical Urgent Care and Physical Therapy were so helpful in getting my back on track after a knee injury."

Mich G.